Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The power of words

I love words. They can be so powerful. They can mean so much. They can be anything you make them. If you give them to power to, they can utterly destroy you. Is that not the most terrifying but amazing thing ever? I think words are beautiful.

Without words, how would you tell that person how much you love them? Without words, how would you tell stories so intricate that you stay up all night think about it? Without words, how would you describe how amazing it feels to receive a compliment about something you're insecure about?

We give words the power to do what they do. Someone telling me they love me could be nothing if I didn't feel anything but it could be everything if I feel something. I'm sure we've all gone home and have just felt so down about the words of another but words are what you make them. If I wanted to hurt someone, I could make my words hurtful and they could let them hurt. Although, I don't personally think we always have complete control over what words affect us and what don't. There have been a lot of words said to me that I wish hadn't affected me but they did and I can't control that.

Writing a book is such a powerful way to get something across because you are in control of these words and what they mean, you can't always be in complete control over how someone else will take these words but isn't that kind of incredible? You could say something and it could mean one thing to you but a complete other thing to me. Just like books, one book could mean something completely different to what it meant to me. Maybe a book meant nothing to me but everything to you. That is how powerful words are.
Spread words, use them as much as you can. Learn new words to describe all the different things in your life. Make new words to describe all the little things in your life. Use as many words as you can to describe the colour pink. Let yourself use as many words as you like, let yourself read as many words as you like. Use words to your advantage and love them, love words. But be careful with them because they could change you. They can hurt you. You can hurt others with them. Please love words but be careful with them. They are very delicate.

I feel like I am just completely high on life when I write these posts. I feel so passionately about things and words are just so much for me. I just am in love with words. This post is just rambling but I think words are an important thing to discuss because they are so much, so much. I won't say sorry about this unstructured walls down, kind of post because if I'm sorry for, why would I post it? I'm not sorry about it because I kind of love it.

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