Wednesday, August 24, 2016

About me!

I haven't mentioned a lot about myself yet so what better time than now. I think knowing more about the person behind the blog allows you to connect more with the blog. So, it's currently Saturday morning and I'm still in bed and I'm going to write this post.

So to start off, I am 15 turning 16 in November. My interests are reading, of course, blogging, of course, music and baking. I play the trumpet and I am slowly and painfully trying to learn the guitar but it definitely is a process. It doesn't come anywhere near as naturally to me as the trumpet does. I've played on and off since I was 8 but when I was about 11 I picked it up and never put it down again. It takes up a lot of my time but it's absolutely worth it.

I love to bake, I think I love the satisfaction of actually making something and then being able to eat it and enjoy it. I'm thinking of combining baking and reading one day and making some bookish bakes posts maybe. I usually bake every weekend, it just breaks it up for me. Last weekend I went to a family gathering so I made scones and brownies which were very nice. I'm not sure yet what I'll bake this weekend but we have some bananas to use up so I might make banana muffins.

I've always been a reader, in the sense that if you put a book down in front of me, I wouldn't turn up my nose but I really discovered my passion for it when I read The Hunger Games. I remember, I was looking up books online to put on my Christmas list and I didn't have any books down so I thought I'd find some. I found the Hunger Games which I'd heard of but hadn't bothered to look into it. I put it down anyway and so Christmas day came and I think my Nan and Pop gave me my Hunger Games books, all three. I started reading them on Boxing Day and once I picked the first one up, I couldn't stop until I finished them all. Since then, I've loved reading and pretty much all I ask for Christmas is books and money for books.

I only started blogging in June but I love it already, I love writing and I'm not very good at narratives so this is the best way for me to write. I love writing about books since it's something I tend to know a lot about and it's something I could probably write about forever. My biggest problem though, is unfinished posts. I've always had a problem with starting things but not finishing. I have countless drafts of half done blog posts, they're usually ideas that I didn't know how to execute fully. I'm trying to get better at it though. I've started going back to old posts if I have a spare minute before I go to bed. It's actually calming to know I've finished and scheduled another post before bed. Just one more thing I don't have to worry about.

So, I hope you enjoyed a few things about me! If you'd like, you can tell me a few things about you. I'd love to know!

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