Monday, August 08, 2016

My ideal book to movie adaption: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

So, welcome to what I guess you could call a new series on my blog. It doesn't have a very catchy name at the moment but I might think of something better somewhere down the track or if anyone has a suggestion I'd be glad to consider it so leave it in the comments. Anyway it's pretty self explanatory, I will be giving you guys a look into my ideal movie adaption of some of my favourite books. Today I thought I would show you Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell because I've been feeling very inspired by it lately.

Firstly, as Levi I picture Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles, we've all seen that right? Whose real name of course, is Michael Schoeffling. In Sixteen Candles he had this really rugged sort of look plus he wore a lot of things I picture Levi wearing. Ugh, tell me he is not gorgeous. Of course, he isn't the perfect Levi but who can be, let's be real. Jake Ryan would for sure be my Levi in the Fangirl movie.

Cath and Wren would definitely be Shailene Woodley, being twins I thought it would be only fitting that they were both Shailene, at, of course, different hair stages. I obviously don't picture them looking that much a like, of course they'd have subtle differences but it's they closest we can get. I'm really happy with my choice here especially since I didn't already have someone in mind for Cath and Wren.

For Reagan I imagine someone like Lisa Origliasso from The Veronicas. She has a very Reagan vibe I think. I'm not so sure about the hair but the face is definitely Reagan, I imagine she'd have lots of sharp edges. Put her in an edgy Reagan-esque outfit and she'd be good to go. Although Lisa Origliasso is an Australian so maybe she'd have to ditch the accent as well.

Everything else regarding the school and what not would probably just be very typical of any American college movie, plain but still not too plain. I kind of imagine the same school for every book set in an American college so that's not very interesting. I do always imagine Levis house very remincisent of the Weasleys burrow but less homely and a little bit more frat boy.


  1. I'm always so awful at thinking up fancasts because I never imagine characters but I LIKE YOUR PICKS! I think having Cath/Wren played by one actor would be very wise. ;) And I could totally see Shailene Woodley working so well!! And that Levi would be very awesome too. ;D

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I'm usually terrible at it but I felt like I needed to at least do this one because I knew exactly who I saw as Levi. I have a really love hate relationship with fancasts because I hate seeing characters any other way than the way I have it in my head but I was happy with this one.