Monday, August 22, 2016

Bookish confessions

As an avid reader, I have some reading habits that could be considered taboo in the reading community. Does this make me a bad person? Possibly. I know we all do the things we swear we don't though. So, I decided to share mine. Maybe this will swear you off my blog forever from the pure horror of some of my habits but please let me know in the comments if you do any of them or if you don't what are your reading bad habits?

Spine Cracking

Cue the cringing of literally everyone. This is definitely the worst. Everyone always talks about how hard they try to keep their books pure and beautiful but I want my books to look worn and loved. I just love it, it is such a nice feeling to like back on books that are a bit battered and say 'wow, looks like I really loved that'. I love my books and I care for them, I promise but I love a cracked spine. Of course, if I were borrowing a book I would never be so savage and I would never expect for someone else to crack the spine of my book. I would expect someone who was borrowing one of my books to treat it like a baby, would you crack the spine of someone else's baby? (Or your own, you pyschos)

Procrastinating Reading

I am such a sucker for this one. I always tell myself I will dedicate my day to reading or I will read this many pages. I literally did it today, I needed to read as much as A Clash of Kings as possible so I can put it on hold tomorrow for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but I read maybe 80 pages and ditched for blogging. I mean, I did really need to do some blog work but I wasn't supposed to spend my whole day on it. I've done so much coding and post writing. I could've been so much further along. Although maybe all this work on my blog today wil save me from taking up precious reading time next time. The thing is, sometimes I don't even have other things to do though. I just scroll through Instagram all day instead of reading. It's not that I don't love the book or that I don't love reading but I just am a huge procastinater. Give me some homework though and I'll get that reading done.


I hate myself for this one but I can't stop. Literally every time I read a book I skip to the last page because I want to know if all is okay but it always ends up spoiling something. I even google things and end up spoiling myself. I have no self control or patience. I always reveal the spoiler parts in reviews because it's too damn tempting. Why do I keep doing it when I keep getting so hurt? I have no idea. I really hope I'm not alone on this one.

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