Saturday, September 03, 2016

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler with art by Maira Kalman

4 stars

"I had such, you would not believe the such feeling I had"

This book gives me so many feelings and for that I would call it a good book because it made me feel something. I fell in love alongside Min and I got my heartbroken alongside Min and I love that. I love that I feel one with Min, I well and truly can connect with her. I felt what she felt and that's almost an experience on its own.

I love the artwork throughout the book, I feel like it really enhanced the reading process so much for me, a book like this needs the artwork. It got me thinking about the fact that this book would've have been nearly as greatly executed without the art. I felt like that's important to mention since so many people focus on the writing, which obviously is what makes the book but I think we all know what I mean.
I love the letter thing, I love love love it. It feels so empowering to me that Min is writing this letter to the boy who broke her heart along with all the mementos of their love. I feel as though I can relate with it, while I wouldn't go as far to write a letter to someone who had hurt me and give it to them, I like to keep stupid little things. The fact that I do that to makes the book a little closer to home for me. Getting back onto the letter type format, the letter makes me feel as though Min has gained back her control and I really like that.

I love Min and her friends, as obnoxious and pretentious as they are. They remind me of myself, I am very much one of those pretentious assholes who will rub it in your face that they liked this band before it was popular (did I mention I had two boston terriers before they were popular?). Anyway, they're really fun characters and I love Al, I think he is hilarious. I love Min and Al's sense of humour, the sarcasm and teasing is so easy and casual between them. It's fun to read.

I'm glad I chose to reread this one because there were thing I missed and things I can understand better (because I grew so much wiser in a year). It's a sad book but I love it because it makes me feel, I think that's my favourite thing about contemporary. I think that if you like the sad kind of contemporary story then you'll love it but if you don't then you probably won't. That's okay though because I don't think books are written so every person on earth will love them, books are written to cater towards every ones different preferences. This books caters to my preferences and I adore it.

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