Monday, September 19, 2016

My Favourite Bookish Friendships

The Golden Trio

Obviously, the first one is the golden trio. Harry, Ron and Hermione are just everything I want in friends. They're so supportive of each other. Ron and Hermione literally voluntarily risked their lives and many other things quite a few times throughout the series for Harry. To be quite honest, I would've just turned myself right back around and said 'that's cool mate, but no thanks'. No way I would've been getting myself involved in that but Ron and Hermione knew that Harry carried some pretty heavy baggage and stuck around regardless. I think it is so sweet that they've stuck by each other since their first year all the way to the last and then some. They obviously have such a strong relationship and I just can't get over it sometimes. They are so precious.

Jem and Will

Jem and Will from the Infernal Devices are honestly everything. They're parabatai so they're obviously close but I haven't seen any other parabatai pairings that close. They care so deeply for each other and it's freaking beautiful. They'd do anything for each other, it is so gorgeous. Jem and Will are so different in personality but they need each other to neutralise the other. The ease and comfort they have with each other is something I think anyone would be lucky to experience.

Rudy and Liesel

Rudy and Liesel had such a precious (I will use this word way to often throughout this post, you've been warned) friendship. It was so childlike and sincere just like the golden trio. It was so genuine and pure, there was so much going on around them yet they still managed to keep that sincerity of friendship. It was so wonderful, I tear up a little bit just thinking about them. You could tell they both cared for each other so deeply and genuinely and I loved the way they could easily insult and make fun of one another yet you could still tell they adored each other. I would not have expected such a pure friendship in such a dark book. I think it's what really made The Book Thief for me.

Let's Discuss

Who are your favourite bookish friendships? Who reminds you of you and your friends? Do you share some of my favourites?


  1. I THINK YOU HAVE IT ALL COVERED. My heart, honestly :( These are my favourite friendships of alltime - don't think I can think of any to top them! I probably wouldn't have thought of Rudy and Liesel at first...but AHHH THEY WERE SUCH GREAT FRIENDS AND MY HEART BREAKS E.V.E.R.Y TIME. :(