Monday, September 26, 2016

A letter to Magnus Bane

Dear Magnus,

How are you doing? How's Alec and little Max? I hope you're all well. Tell Alec and Max I give them my love. I always wondered if you'd ever settle down, you've always been a bit of a wild one. Although, I can't say I don't enjoy your stories. I'm glad you've found love again, Magnus and I hope Alec stays with you long after he is no longer physically with you.

16303287What is it like to live forever? Do you ever get bored of it? How do you keep busy? I know you've had more loves than you can count. I know you always have clients. But, Magnus, how do you keep your life interesting? God knows, you keep it interesting but how? I wonder if you get sick of your warlock friends after a while, it's okay if you do, I'll keep a secret. It intrigues me, you see, immortality. Surely, life would lose it's intrigue and interest after you realise you'll have it forever. I've always thought the excitement was in the fact that we only have certain amount of time on this Earth. Excuse me, Magnus, if I get too personal. I've always been too curious for my own good.

Is it devastating to see friends and lovers die? Knowing one day you may well forget the way their eyes sparkled. I couldn't imagine that. I admire you, Magnus, what bravery it must take to live forever. All the things you must deal with. I don't feel sorry for you though, Magnus, because I know you wouldn't want that. I can tell you love your life and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm simply curious.

I bet you've seen a lot of things, Magnus. Maybe you could help me ace my history exam. I'm only joking, I know you're a busy man. I wonder what it would have been like to be alive in the 1800's, or when the Gold Rush was happening. You must have an immense amount of life experience Magnus, I can see you're a wise man.

I wish you all the happiness I can give you for your full life. I wish you and your family well. And, most of all, I hope you're life is always interesting because I know how much you'd hate to live a dull life.


  1. I love this post! Letters to a character are always interesting, and to Magnus Bane? One of the coolest and most intriguing characters ever? You nailed this one - I absolutely loved it - especially that request to help ace a history exam! :')

    1. Thank you so much! I love writing these letters but it's always such a struggle to try to think of interesting characters to write to. Magnus Bane is definitely one of my favourites.