Monday, September 12, 2016

Bookish Boyfriends

Hello all, today I wanted to talk about something I'm sure we all have multiple of which is, of course, bookish boyfriends. I have quite a few so I thought I'd tell you a little bit about them and why I love them.

Will Herondale

Okay, Will Herondale will always be my top bookish boyfriend. Everything about him is so beautiful. I think we're quite similar and I would laugh at all of his jokes and sarcastic comments and I would hope he'd laugh at mine. We'd be a great pairing. He is so passionate in the way he cares for Jem and Tessa. It is so attractive, speaking of attractive, the sarcasm just gets me in a way that I can't explain. I don't know what I love so much about sarcasm but god damn, Will Herondale is like the king of it.  I don't think I'll ever get enough of him. Since the moment he was introduced in Clockwork Angel, I was in love.


Does Rhysand have a surname? If he does I don't know it. For almost the same reasons as Will, I love Rhys. He has sucha sexy and confident air about him. He and Will are very similar, Rhys could almost be a contender for top stop but I've pretty much already sold my soul to Will so. He is cocky which should be annoying but isn't. He is sarcastic and I know I'd find myself laughing at everything he said. Again, I think we'd get on wonderfully.


Levi is such a sweet angel boy. How do you not read Fangirl without literally swooning over Levi? He is just so swoon worthy and gorgeous. He is so nice and wonderful and lovely. I feel like he's a really safe pick but he is just such a sweet person. So genuine, as well. I feel like it would be impossible for him to lie to me. He only wants to do good by Cath, he is so pure. It is so gorgeous that he wants to impress Cath all the time. I feel like I could go on about the all the little endearing things about Levi forever but I won't because I have a huge list of other bookish boyfriends to talk about.


Kile from The Heir just has something about him that makes me irresistibly attracted to him. Is it all that kissing? I mean, probably but he's also really nice and sweet and he cares about Eadlyn even though she's a brat. Which is awesome because I won't lie, I can be a bit of a brat. Also, he reminds me a lot of me. Nose always in a book, knowledge is power attitude, he basically is me. I can only hope he's as great in The Crown because I'll be really upset if my boy Kile lets me down. This post will be a lie then


Willem from Just One Year is so gorgeous, I love the air of confidence thing and Willem has it. He is so spontaneous and spur of the moment which I think would get annoying after a while but he isn't actually real so it doesn't matter to me. He is very interesting, I feel like he would have endless stories to tell and endless stories to make.

Lets discuss

Who are your bookish boyfriends? Do you share any with me? What traits do you look for in a bookish boyfriend?

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