Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Is reading social?

I would know a lot of people who would argue with me on this, I know a few who have. I have points on either side so lets have a chat.

Through my interest in reading, I've found a lot of people who share the same interest. This enables me to discuss books and my thoughts and opinions with them. I've begun many conversations with people who I've seen reading a book I love or in a book store or library which I would not have without. It allows me to connect with a whole range of people both young and old that I would not have been able to connect with without the common ground of reading. It gives me something I can share with others, which is the social part of reading.

The non social, though, is something that not all bookworms are guilty of but I know I am. Being a reader, I tend to avoid social settings so I can spend more time reading, with my book. I spend a lot of my time reading (and strongly discourage anyone speaking to me while I'm reading) so I don't always reply back to text messages or go out to see friends or meet new people. This though, can be made up for with the fact that I meet a lot of people while scouring a bookish tag on twitter or writing a bookish blog or going to a bookstore.

I don't think it is or isn't. I think it is what you make it, you can make reading social and I try my best to make it social for myself because it enhances my reading experience but you can also make it as non social as you want. My reading used to be non social, I didn't like discussing books and it was almost my secret little refuge. It still is my refuge but I just talk to more people about it.

Lets Discuss

What do you think? Is reading a social experience for you? Do you agree or disagree?


  1. It definitely isn't social for me - I've been to a lot more book events this year, and it's so great meeting people you've only ever seen online! And plus I'm an extrovert so I'm a pretty social person in the first place. But I think you're right - it can definitely go either way :)

  2. When I begin reading and wasn't as engaged with the book community and fandoms because I pretty much saw it as a solitary activity. Only recently did I feel the need to talk to people about books and characters and all that excitement with other readers - on the internet of course ;) but I still tend to stay about from social settings and rather read a book. So I'm pretty sure I have a less social experience with reading but it can definitely be both!!

    1. Yes, this sounds very similar to me. Thanks for visiting!