Saturday, September 10, 2016

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

3 stars

"When I turn on Kilorn, I have sparks in my hands and determination in my heart"

Woah, that was a lot of feelings at once. I'm going to have to try my best to include them all in this review. I feel a bit overwhelmed and also disappointed that I'll have to wait so long for the next book, I did not imagine feeling this way after finishing this.

I did not connect with Mare in Red Queen but everyone absolutely raved about this one so of course, I bought it because I love Cal and even though I didn't connect with Mare, I wasn't done 23174274with Cal yet. The first few chapters had me feeling iffy and it took me a while to get through the sludgy sort of beginning, although it could be because I'd forgotten a lot of what happened and I was too lazy to reread Red Queen. That being said, once I got through that stage, I started to really enjoy it.

I don't like Mare at all but I do feel more of a connection in this book. I think she is selfish and reckless and hungry for war. She isn't a likable character for me, I'm not sure if she's supposed to be though. I also find her very frustrating, she doesn't know what she wants or is too blind to see it. Take her relationship with Cal for example, you could tell the two of them wanted it but Mare is so damn stubborn that nothing really happened there. Although towards the end I didn't think she was worthy of Cal's love anyway. I did want them to pash throughout the most book though until the end.

It was certainly a page turner, it was so full of action. Something was always happening and I think for me, that's what made up for Mare being so unbearable. I do love a good page turner. Although I wouldn't go as far to say it was a quick read. It's a decently sized book and it also depends on how much patience you have for Mare.

I found the ending was predictable but predictable doesn't equal bad and I still thought the ending was pretty good, a lot happened and I don't know that if you asked me I'd be able to give you an accurate summary of what happened but it did get my heart beating. I was still really excited for it and I have to say I am a lot more excited for the next book than I could've predicted.

I ended up enjoying it more than I thought so I'm going to take that as a win for this book. It kind of reminded me of Mockingjay but I mean, who doesn't love Mockingjay so I count that as another win. I will also have to add Cal to my list of book boyfriends, so welcome Cal. I'm not sure what else I can say about this without completely spoiling the book so I think I'll have to leave it there.

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