Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2016 Favourites So Far

I've been loving so many new things this year which is awesome and I'm so happy to expand myself and find new things to love. I've included a few bookish things and a few unbookish things. This is simply a list compromised of things I've been obsessing over this year.
  1. The 1975. I discovered them last year, I think. I loved Chocolate and Sex but didn't really listen to any of their other music and I just liked those two songs. This year when I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet Unaware came out and everyone was obsessing over Somebody Else (which makes me feel like I'm in love when I am absolutely not) I was going to listen to it until Dodie Clark posted a cover and as I love her (she will be included in my list) I watched it and it was beautiful so I listened to the original and it was beautiful. I still am amazed by it's beauty. I proceeded to listen to the rest of the album and it is everything. So I then listened to their first album and became literally obsessed. I'm listening to them as I write this. I wouldn't know where to even start with my favourite songs but I've most recently been loving Settle Down and You. Also their music videos are so good. I can't stop watching them.
  2. Image result for game of thrones
  3. Game of Thrones. I'm still only up to season three. Please don't hate me, I am horrible at tv show watching but I bought season three and four on dvd yesterday so I plan to get back on track with that. Nevertheless, I'm obsessed. I read the first book in July and I'm half way through the second at the moment but I put it on hold for a while. I started watching it when my mum binged the whole thing and recommended it, I was going to try to avoid it but eventually curiosity got me. I already have a Jon Snow mug (thanks Dad) and today I treated myself to a GoT shirt from the mens section that I couldn't resist.
  4. The Beatles. Believe it or not, I'd never heard a Beatles song before this year (or last Christmas). For Chirstmas, my Dad gifted my Mum and I a Beatles album in the name of our cat, Louis. I remember when I saw the gift addressed to us from Louis under the tree and I was just so confused. My Dad also tried to play the Jon Snow mug off on Louis so. It was the 1 album with all the singles and such. Dad downloaded it onto a USB for the car since they're awesome sing a long songs. He's started a bad thing really, I've been obsessing over The Beatles ever since. My favourite songs would have to be Something and She Loves you but honestly, just like with The 1975, my favourites change about every week. They're such great songs. I'm considering buying my Dad another of their albums for Fathers Day but I'm not sure which one yet so if you have any reccomendations, it would be muchly appreciated.
  5. The Book Thief. This is a fairly new one since I finished the book last week and watched the movie yesterday. But it's so damn good. How did I stay away so long? No one knows. When I finished it, all I wanted to do was read it again. I didn't even want a break, just straight back to the first page. I didn't indulge myself because there's plenty of other things I needed to read but I plan on doing all rereads in September so I may very well reread it. I've never experienced the desire to read a book again straight after finishing. I've experienced the desire to keep reading the same characters and places before countless times but this was kind of surreal. I can't stop thinking about it and I just want to read it again and again.
  6. Socks. This is kind of an odd one but I never used to like socks but this year for some unknown reason I love them. I am constantly buying the softest, fluffiest, cosiest socks I can find. As soon as I get home, I put on a pair. They're just so nice, I don't think people appreciate socks enough. I hope my sock collection continues to grow. Also, with more thought about where my abrupt love of socks comes from, I realise it stems from when I slipped in the shower having my legs and got a razor blade stuck in my foot for three weeks and I was too scared to wear bare feet. You're learning so much about me.
  7. John Hughes movies and Molly Ringwald. Okay this kind of counts for last year as well but I never really got over it. I watched The Breakfast Club for the first time late last year which began my obsession, later I got Sixteen Candles and loved it so I was on the hunt for Pretty in Pink, my favourite, for a long time. Whenever I'm in the mood for a good movie, they're my go tos. I watched them all several times since the first time last year. They're just so my kind of thing, they're kind of trashy but I love kind of trashy. I'm obsessed with Molly Ringwald and her hair and everything about her. The characters are so fun and I love Duckie and I love Alison.
  8. Dodie Clark. I discovered her youtube channel this year while looking for a song and I saw she did a cover of it and I fell in love immediately. I adore her. Her originals songs are so beautiful and meaningful (high recommend) I swear I listen to them constantly. She has such a soft and lovely voice. I am truly obsessed with it, and I think she is such a gorgeous person. I usually don't like youtubers that much but I love Dodie.
Andddd, that's about it.

Lets Discuss

What are your 2016 favs? Have you been loving anything off my list?


  1. Haha I still refuse to start watching Game of Thrones until I read at least 1 book, so waiting for the holidays to come around. Sock - I love it! I've recently had a plush pyjama obsession this past winter. And of course I can't forget my obsession with Hamilton which has totally taken over my life (alongside books). Great list Brooklyn :D

    1. I keep hearing about Hamilton, I still only vaguely know what it's about (awful, right?). I love pyjamas, quite easily my favourite things to wear. Especially the plush kind. Thanks for stopping by!