Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What I've Done in 2016

As the year begins to wrap up, I'm feeling incredibly proud of all my personal achievements. It's been a greatly successful year in my personal life despite all the horrible things that have happened around the world. But, nevertheless, so many positive things have happened in my life so this post will be dedicated to walking through those moments.

Firstly, I started this blog. This was a pretty big one because I never had that much of an interest in it. Thinking it would be so much work and it was only something people with enough money to buy their own domain and either hire a web designer or learn to code themselves. Not that the web designer thing would be hard for me with my Dad being one. I've done al my design stuff myself though, because I have a big thing about my blog being completely me. Anyway, I realised it's really not that hard. I chose blogger as my host and away I went and I'm still figuring things up and it is hard work to grow your blog organically but it's worth it when you realise the attention is all you. This blog has probably been a turning point for me and my reading journey. Before, I wasn't huge on discussing books because I had no one to discuss with but now I have the interwebs to talk with. Writing quality content that others will want to read is a hard thing and I'm not always sure of some of the things I post. I'm proud of myself though, even if I've been a bit slack this month with so much personal stuff going on. I'd like to thank the bookish community for being so welcoming and lovely.

I also just formally graduated from high school which you might already know if you follow me on twitter. This was such a proud moment for me and even more so when I was one of only four people to win a scholarship. I wasn't expecting it at all but I'm thrilled with it because now the two most expensive years of my schooling so far are mostly taken care off. It's fantastic to have one less thing to worry about and I'm also really proud of the fact that I was decided to be worthy of a scholarship. I'm just crazy happy about it. I won a couple other awards but I won't go into detail about those. It feels so good to know my four years have been worth something and with only a few more school days left I'm starting to get really emotional. I can't wait to see everyone dressed up at the celebratory dinner in a few nights. I'm really grateful to all the lovely teachers I've had who've really been an influence to me.

I got my learners license. I wasn't sure about this one, it took me a while to get a hang of all the giving way stuff but eventually I got there and managed to pass my test. Two weeks ago today actually. I was tremendously worried about the actual driving because I'm a really nervous and cautious person so I just thought I would absolutely suck. Turns out, I'm actually getting the hang of it really quickly. And I'm surprisingly good at keeping my calm on the road. I honestly thought I'd find it so much more stressful than I do. Well, I hate reversing but everything else is going great. I seriously thought I'd be some sort of road hazard so this is immensely pleasing to me. Somehow, I really like driving.

I did more work on my trumpet this year than any other year. Ever. Seriously, I have worked so hard on this thing the whole year (excluding the past couple of weeks, whoops) and I'm so proud of all the improvement. Especailly now that my band is competing in the national competitions for the first time ever in a few months. This time last year, I could've never dreamed I'd be where I am with the trumpet now. I can only see myself going up now and I can't believe I went from on the verge of quitting band to spending almost every afternoon with my trumpet. My trumpet has become an extra limb. I'm really proud of how far I've come with it. And, I can only thank my music teachers for being to inspiring and supportive to me.

I started up my succulent garden. This one is very recent but I plan on keeping at it. You might notice succulents are a pretty big theme on my blog because I love them. Now, I finally have six different succulents of my own and you better believe me when I say, I'm taking care of them like my own babies. I've actually discovered after looking after my little garden that I quite like gardening and in the future would be looking to extend my gardening skills. The only down side is I hate being outside for extended periods because I know I burn so quickly. I'm really happy with how it's going and I'm excited to see how it looks this time next year.

I read so many books it's ridiculous. And I loved a lot of them. It was a pleasure to read so many gorgeous books and the year isn't even over just yet. I feel like every single one has shaped me and that's the fun part of books. You're never the exact same person you were before you read it. I think that's amazing and I'm so glad I get to experience that.

I've included a few thanks in here because I'm really grateful to all those who've helped me achieve so much over the year but I saved one for the end which goes out to my parents who I couldn't have done 2016 without. The two of you are beautiful people and the two bestest friends I'll ever have. Thank you for giving me so much love and for supporting my mostly expensive and sometimes useless hobbies. I know you think my succulents are silly, Dad but you still help me with them. And Mum, I can see you in my mirror with your eyes squeezed shut in the backseat while I drive but thank you for still coming (sometimes).

So, that's what I've managed to achieve over the year. I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting but it's been a brilliant year. I'm trying to focus on all of my positive achievements this year amidst all the crappy things. I think you all should too, it's great to think back on some of your high moments of the year. So, do tell, what are some things you've done this year?

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