Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo

3.5 Stars

“It’s interesting how fuming, or anger in general, is such a physical process, like a wave washing up on a beach and then receding.”

13572835I love this book, I do, it holds a lot for me. First, it's Australian which gives it many relatable points and the main character, Amelia is 15 turning 16 which gives another small handful of relatable points. Amelia's first job is at Woolworths which is honestly, my dream first job (I actually heavily looked into applying earlier in the year) which gives another lot of relatable points. So, what can I say? I heavily relate to this book. Which is why I picked it as a reread.

Aside from being relatable I like that the topic is something untouched almost. Especially the way it ends which not to spoil it, I like because never will a 15 year old and a 22 year old work together. No way. So, I like that the book tells it how it is. Crushes are hard and they won't always work, it's the worst thing about them. And, Amelia is only 15, she'll have plenty more to come. I like that this book knows that Amelia isn't going to go off and marry Chris and have six babies and live on a farm.

I like the dual perspective, I think it's important because it put's so much emphasis on the differences in lifestyle and why there is no way in hell that they'd work. Chris has sex and drinks a lot while Amelia goes to school and tells her best friend Penny all the tiny details. It definitely proves to the reader that they aren't suitable. I know when I first read Love and Other Perishable Items, I was totally rooting for them to end up together until I read Chris's diary entries which totally made me see how much six years actually is. Still, I felt so sad for Amelia because I can almost feel the pain first hand.

Amelia totally reminds my of myself, annoying as she can be but I guess that's how the world sees us 15 year olds. Whingey and annoying which honestly, I won't deny. But, she is so real. Such a real character, and I like that a lot. Having real characters that you can see yourself in really helps you get into the story.

I would absolutely read this again. Love it, a fine piece of Australian writing right here. You may not hold as much affection if your from somewhere that is not Australia because then it may lose a good few relatability points but I still think even without I'd love it. Definitely not a point well discussed in contemporary (although, when I was younger I did read this great Jaqueline Wilson book similar). I think you'll like it if you like contemporary but if you only dabble in contemporary, you might find it a wee bit more difficult to like.


  1. I'm from Australia! Sounds like a book I should definitely read! It looks like the dual points of view, with Chris's diary entries, adds another layer to the book, and I'm interested in reading it now. Thanks so much for this review! :)

    1. The dual points definitely added something to the story and I'm so glad it had dual perspective. Hope you get to read it sometime in the future!