Saturday, December 31, 2016

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

3 stars

“There is not even a Scrabble word for how bad I feel.”

16143347The first time I read this, I'd just turned 14 and I'd gotten this book for Christmas from my Nan and Pop. I fell in love with it and I guess, I kind of am still in love with it but I am willing to see the flaws in it now. I think that's a sign of growing as both a reader and reviewer. I used to find myself very blind sighted by my love of a book but now while generally I can still manage to keep my reviews positive for the most part, I can acknowledge the flaws as well.

I gave it the tiniest book review ever. This was stunning, I'm not going to tell you what happened because you don't want to know but it was just stunning. It definitely is stunning, I can't possibly deny that and I think it's the best word to use for it. It is such an interesting book and it just isn't what you think .

I am in love with the concept of the plot. I've never read anything like it, so I tend to think it is ridiculously interesting. I have about a million and one questions for E. Lockhart about this book and I feel like each answer would just give me a thousand more. I am immensely curious about We Were Liars. It is just beyond me how someone could weave ab plot as complex as that. 

I'm not a huge fan of the Sinclairs, they are entitled and bratty. Especially the aunts. Although, I don't think that's a problem with the writing but more of an intentional thing. I did genuinely like Mirren, I wish we got to see more of her but I guess that would defeat the book. Cadence sort of annoyed me, especially in summer fifteen. I thought she was a bit thoughtless, although that could be intentional too. 

For me, this was one of those books I thought about for days after I first read it. My mind was just completely boggled and I just wanted to know more about it. Although, now I find myself a bit more at peace with the book. I feel less inclined to discover more about the book since I feel half the mystery of it would be lost. I'm happy not knowing what E. Lockhart's intenions were and what she was thinking. I think We Were Liars is kind of subjective, it really depends on the reader. Also, I did notice while rereading that E. Lochart has a very distinct writing style. I always think it's interesting when I can begin to see distinctness in authors writing. 

Anyway, to finish it off. I do honestly love it. I'm only giving it three stars because I think it's subjective and the reason I love lies behind the whole concept and maybe not with a lot of other things. It's a dark read and I tend to enjoy dark reads.                


  1. I think you summed it up pretty well! For me, the plot was interesting, but the characters just weren't gripping enough for me.

    1. I've seen quite a few people saying that, I have to admit I can see where it all comes from. From a few of Lockhart's other books I can see that her characters aren't always gripping.