Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Best Friend Is A Goddes by Tara Eglington

5 Stars

"But just because something isn't perfect doesn't mean you should throw it away."

21965123I flat out love this book. I can relate so strongly and I love it. It is intense and angst filled and everything friendship is like as a teen. This is going to be a long review because I have a lot of my own personal stories to add. This is what I love about Australian YA, it is so relatable.

Emily and Adriana are in year 10, which I just finished so trust me, I have a lot of anecdotes. Honestly, sometimes during this book I was Adriana and sometimes I was Emily. I was Adriana in the way that I am awkward and introverted and have a best friend who can talk to anyone. I'm Emily in that I struggled with my best friend finding new people to talk to who didn't particularly like me. Relatability adds so much to a story.

Also, it gave me so much nostalgia as it had so much formal talk. Mine was only 15 days ago exactly. Not that I'm counting. And it was the best night of my life. For those of you who don't know, it's a formal you do in year ten. You dress up and get driven in a nice car and you go with a date if you're lucky enough to secure one. It's super exciting and it is the night you're looking forward to since year seven. Adriana and Emily were so sweet with the promise to go with each other, I love it. See, at my school it wasn't that uncommon to go without at date but I had this image in my mind that I would have a hot date. Before year ten even began all the hot dates had been scooped up. So, I went with a couple of girl friends and a guy friend. Super nostalgic for any Aussie girl.

This book perfectly captured the intensity of year ten. Every tiny thing felt like the world was ending and it was honestly insane. But, that was what year ten was like. Or at least, my experience of it. It was like if you bottled year ten and made it into a book. This book was the essence of year ten. I think this book is something all girls around my age should read.

It put things into a perspective the way it went into the years after as well. It showed how things are so big but then are few years on it's just not. Which is why I think it's an excellent book for teens. Another reason it's a great book for teens is it talks about ugly and pretty and how these things can define you but also don't define you at all. I think it juggles a lot of good topics.

Also, on the boy situation. Holy moly, I could sympathise. It really put into perspective the kind of sacrifices you should make when it comes to boys and friendship. Honestly, if I were Emily, I would've come clean about it from the beginning but I can understand where she was coming from. Emily was doing things to protect her friendship but she was also hurting herself and I think that was a really difficult situation to be put in.

I could feel this book pulling at my heart constantly. I tended to lean more towards Emily's side but gosh, towards the end my heart was breaking for both of them. I was kind of proud of Adriana for doing what she did, though. This book really got to me and I think it was because of how close it hits.

It was such an addictive read and it definitely made me think about a few thinks from a moral outsider's standpoint. It had a huge relatability factor. I think it was fantastic and I think you should definitely read it.


  1. I'm so happy you liked it! I've seen it around in a couple of bookstores, heard rave reviews, but I've yet to pick it up! As an Australian teenager - I reckon I'd definitely relate to this - I know I'm still thinking about my high school years! :D
    Great review! <3