Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why I Love BuJo-ing

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Okay, this is kind of book related, maybe? But I wanted to talk about bullet journaling because I feel like it's just literally everywhere. Every one seems to be crazy about bullet journaling and so am I.

When I first heard about bullet journaling a couple weeks after starting this blog, I looked it up because I like journaling. I didn't journal often but I liked it. When I saw all the fancy spreads and I released I'd have to set the whole thing up myself, I decided that was not the life I was after. Although, in mid September, I started my first bullet journal.

Why did I start my first bullet journal if I was so opposed to it earlier? Well, I saw a lot more spread ideas that were applicable to me and I realised it literally was whatever I needed it to be. I can easily use it to keep track of my blog and my reading which is what I really wanted to be keeping track of. Now, I don't know what I'd have done without my bullet journal. It's been a huge help to me and I wish I'd realised earlier that it doesn't have to be anything too fancy.

I've always been quite a visual person, I like to see my progress out in front of me. I can do that in my journal, I have a few follow tracker spreads so I can visually see my following goals being achieved and I really like having that in one handy place. I also have a spread for the book series' that I haven't completed and I can see how many I've got to go. I love being able to see all that sort of stuff written on paper.

It makes it so much easier for me. If I want to write a new post, I can look at my post ideas page. If I want to finish writing a post, I can look at my unfinished posts page. If I want to schedule a post, I can look at my post schedule page to see when I have slots open. I have a lot of that here on my blogger account but in my journal, I've set it out so I can see everything better because it's for me to look at and to help me. I can easily access the books I've read for things like wrap ups and whatnot. It's just ridiculously handy.

I love my bullet journal. It's made things a lot quicker and easier for me and I love that I'm able to easily use it to my advantage. I'd definitely suggest you give it a go if you haven't already, I only use mine for blogging and reading but their are countless other things you could track or organise.

Lets Discuss
Do you bullet journal? What kind of things do you use yours for? Do you like yours?

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