Wednesday, November 02, 2016

It's My Birthday

Today is the second of November, also known as my birthday. If you've been following along well enough you may know that I'm turning 16 today. Which is very fun (and terrifying) as I can get my licence and start driving. I love my birthday, it's my second favourite day of the year. I got absolutely spoilt and got some things that I absolutely adore.

My favourite is a gorgeous pink sapphire ring my parents gave me this morning. It is beautiful and I can't stop looking at it. I love rings and my mum wanted to get something special for my 16th so I got my lovely new ring. Please excuse my disgustingly all over the place nails. It looks all the more beautiful in person. I'm absolutely in love with it.

My absolutely wonderful parents also gave me the Chamber of Secrets illustrated edition which was really a practice of self control for me to not buy it because it was going to be a birthday present. I can't wait to rip into that, it looks so lovely with my Philosophers Stone illustrated edition.

My aunty brought me The Beatles' Looking Through You photo book which I love so much oh my god. It was a complete surprise since I'd only briefly told her I liked The Beatles. I am so completely obsessed with it and I'll probably read it religiously every night. It is fantastic.

One of my gorgeous friends made me a freaking cake. I got to school and she had a bloody cake. It's a chocolate mud cake and she decorated it and everything. I was not expecting it and if there's anything I love, it's cake. I had a tiny piece earlier because I was dying to taste it and it was so good. It is so cute and I love it. It was such a thoughtful gift and I love her for it.

My nan and pop gave me a couple of simple cookbooks since they know I'm beginning to get really into cooking. I'm planning on making something out of them this weekend. They made sure they were recipes that were achievable and I really appreciate it since I'm no master chef yet. I'm thrilled with them and I think that they're so thoughtful. I can't wait to start using them.

Finally, another note worthy mention is this adorable under the sea colouring book another friend give me. It's one of those things that I'd never go out and buy myself. It is so cute and I can see myself using it a fair bit in the future. I think colouring books make great gifts and I'm so happy with mine. I have some brilliant pencils in mind for this.

I accumulated a bit of money too which I'll probably spend on some new books so I look forward to selecting some. Look forward to my money Book Depository!

Tonight, we are having my favourite meal of spag bol and I can't wait, I can smell it cooking. My mum made her first ever cheesecake for me since I love cheesecake, it's a pineapple and passionfruit recipe. Looks incredible, I can't wait to devour it. We also had our usual special birthday breakfast before I went to school which is always great. One of my favourite parts of my birthday is the food.

I've had an amazing 16th birthday and I can't wait to enjoy all my lovely things and get my licence and have a lovely time being 16. I am very grateful to my wonderful family and my gorgeous friends for making my birthday great even though I had to be at school. I can't believe how quickly it's gone, here come the post birthday blues.


  1. Happy birthday Brooklyn! It looks like you got some lovely gifts! I'm in the process of getting my license as well, and honestly driving is a bit scary at first but actually really fun!

  2. Happy Birthday!! That ring's beautiful, and I hope you have tons of fun getting books :)