Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Get to know me - A-Z

I thought this would be a fun way for you guys to learn a few more things about me. I first came across this post originally on The Daily Prophecy but since doing a bit more research I have found a heap more but still not sure who was the first to do it.

A - Aerophobia
Which means the fear of flying. I can't stand flying and it freaks me out just thinking about it, I think it's the whole unstableness of it that really scares me. I hate anything that's unstable but being that high up in the sky really terrifies me.

B - Bibliophile
Obviously, it's essentially the basis of my whole blog!

C - Cautious
I'm an extremely cautious person. I'm so scared of hurting myself on a daily. I distrust graters and peelers because it's so easy to slip, I also deeply distrust shaving in the shower.

D - Dogs
I love dogs so much. I haven't had my own for a few years now (not for lack of trying) but I just adore them. My family are currently waiting on my cat to settle down before getting a dog and I've got my heart set on a Golden Retriever.

E - Egghead
I'm a bit of an egghead, I love facts and I enjoy the more academic classes a little more than I should. I love science even though 70% of the time I only have a very vague idea of what is going on. I don't get extraordinary grades or anything but I don't think that's as important as having a genuine interest in what you're studying and when it comes to my studies I tend to keep mine very academic. I've always been considered a bit of an egghead and I've grown fond of the name.

F - Family
I adore my small little family of three. My parents are my best friends and I know when I eventually have a family of my own, I'll make sure we stay very close. I'm incredibly grateful and lucky to have two such wonderful parents.

G - Goals
I believe heavily in goal setting. In everything I do, I have big goals, minor goals and everything in between. They help me to achieve and they give me something to work towards. I like to write them down in a journal so I don't forget what I'm striving and working towards.

H - Hoarder
The word I prefer to use is collector but since I took up C, I've chosen to say hoarder. I hate throwing away things in the fear of wasting things or wanting them again. I'm always trying to think of ways I could reuse things. For example, a pair of jeans I loved have been sitting in my drawers for months despite the fact that the button popped off them, making them unwearable. This isn't unreasonable though, I tell my parents who tell me I need the space, I'm planning on using them to patch up holes in my other clothing. I mean, my other clothes don't have any holes yet but when they do. I'll be ready.

I - Introvert
I've never been particularly loud or confident. I've always been quiet and I've always preferred staying home or hanging out with my parents over all else. (Or of course, reading a book.)

J - Just Kidding
I joke about a lot. This means I sometimes have to be sensitive to those around me because some of my jokes can seem rather heartless. I choose to keep my more heartless jokes amongst my family and friends. Making jokes and having a laugh is a sure fire way to get me feeling more comfortable in almost any situation.

K - Kittens
I am also crazy about cats. I love them, they are so pretty and lovely.

L - Louis Armstrong
Is the name of my gorgeous cat. It was only natural that I include him since while he is the biggest pain in the arse, I completely adore him. In fact, as we speak I've had to stop three times because he's creating mischief. He is a beautiful seal point birman and my third birman. He turns 4 this December and we've had him for about two and a half years. He was a rehabilitation cat given to my family after our kitten and other rehab cat passed away in the same year. Since we did great with our first rehab cat she though Louis was perfect for us and I thought it was fate since Louis Armstrong was a trumpet player too.

M - Mac and Cheese
I love Mac and Cheese, probably would have to be one of my favourite foods ever. I adore it when my Dad makes homemade mac and cheese.

N - Nothing
One of my favourite things is when I have nothing planned for the day and I can just do my own thing. I usually read but sometimes I blog or bake or whatever I feel like doing. It is such a good feeling when you know you have absolutely no obligations to tend to all day. It is something I hold quite close, no one is allowed to get in the way of my nothing days.

O - Optimistic
Although I'm absolutely not always optimistic, I try to be as often as I can. I tend to border along the closer to reality side of optimism but none the less, life is short so you can't be negative about everything. I think something positive comes out of every situation.

P - Pink
My very favourite colour is pink. When I was younger and going through my tomboy phase, I absolutely detested pink and everything it stood for. I vowed I would never like pink but now I realise as lovely as the thought was, I'm allowed to like what ever colours I like.

Q -Quiet
I've always been quiet, I think for me it stems from growing up without other children around me. My teachers in school were always concerned about it, apparently I didn't go out of my to make friends. I just entertained myself. I still am quiet enough that regularly people tell me so. Even my general speaking voice is that much softer than others but over the years I've gotten more and more accustomed to the way I need to speak to others.

R - Romantic
I am head over heel, a romantic. I romanticise every thing.

S - Sparkles
I am a huge fan of anything that has sparkles on it. I love sparkles. I love sparkly nail polish. I love sparkly birthday cards. I love sparkly eyeshadow. I love sparkly pens. I just love anything with sparkles. You know all know the way into my heart is a pink and sparkly Golden Retriever puppy.

T - Trumpet
You'd probably know if you've read any of my other about me type posts, but I've played the trumpet since I was about 9. It's pretty much become a part of me now.

U - Ukulele
For years, I've had a dream of learning the ukulele. One day, I will achieve this goal but you might be waiting a while. I love the way it sounds and there are so many fun things I could play with it. I will do it one day.

V - Vocabulary
I love words even though I don't tend to use a lot of them on a day to day basis. I love reading them and writing them. I'm always looking to expand my vocab and insert new words into my conversations.

W - Writing
I really enjoy writing although I don't know that I'd ever make anything out of it. It all depends on whether I ever write anything I consider worthy of being shared. For now it's a casual hobby.

X - Xanadu
I have a huge love of Oliva Newton John movies. Xanadu was possibly the strangest one I've seen but I love it none the less. I constantly find the song stuck in my head just as it is now.

Y - Yum
Is what I usually say when I eat food which I do a lot because I love food.

Z - Zzz
I'm tired a lot, although I get a solid ten hours of sleep every night and barely do anything too strenuous. My family make constant jokes since I tend to fall asleep at almost every family gathering and my friends laugh too since they're all night owls and I miss all the good conversations due to being asleep.

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  1. I love dogs too! I am such a dog person and if I could have like 5 I would be perfectly happy lol.