Monday, November 21, 2016

Some New Words

I'm a bit of a vocab nerd. I've always had a wide vocabulary but as I'm getting older and older I'm finding less and less words to add to my list. So I scoured the web and found some words I liked and have never heard before.


Shining brilliants or radiantly. Or a person expressing joy.

Eg. The girl sat with an effulgent expression on her face as she read.


Excessively proud or with self confidence.

Eg. The hubristic boy believed he was a genius.


(I actually found this one on the web and then when I picked up A Court of Mist and Fury, I found the word limpid describing stones, what a coincidence)

Completely clear or transparent.

Eg. The waters were limpid.


Admired for past achievements, respected or distinguished.

Eg. The girl came from an illustrious family.

So, there you go. Some words I've recently discovered and hope to use in writing in the future.

Lets discuss

What are some words you've discovered lately? What are your favourite words? Are any of these words new to you?

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