Saturday, April 08, 2017

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

4 Stars

“No. I can survive well enough on my own— if given the proper reading material.”  

Okay, wow! I don't know what I was expecting here but it was freaking good. I was so hesitant to read it for so long because it was so hyped and I didn't want to be one of the only people not to like it but holy hell, I loved it. I'm going to order the rest of the books asap.

23599075For the first thirty pages, I was completely lost. I had no idea what was happening, only that Celaena was a sassy bitch. I eventually got the jist of things though and as soon as I did, I was loving it. I also very much fell in love with Chaol but I may or may not fall in love with every fictional boy I come across. I'm undecided on if this is a problem or not.

I love Celaena, what a cool character! She is really cool and not at all what I expected her to be. I thought she'd be one of those really annoying characters who go on and on about whatever but I actually really liked Celaena. I was also surprised at what a lovely assassin she is, I thought she'd be a lot more difficult? Maybe. I'm struggling to explain what I expected but I'll presume someone will understand and move on.

I thought the plot was kind of like a mash up of Divergent and The Hunger Games but way more intense. It was really epic. And I really love the whole royal setting thing, I absolutely adore it. I thought the world was really, really cool and I can't wait to see more of it.

At first I was really team Chaol but now I'm kind of equally Dorian and Chaol. Well, maybe a little more Chaol but I do admire the easy banter between Dorian and Celaena. I really hope to see a bit more Chaol action in the rest of the series.

I've heard so much about this series, so much good and I can honestly confirm all that good stuff. It was fantastic and I really do recommend it. I am so excited to continue the series, I didn't know that I would but I am absolutely busting to start the next book already. I could talk forever about it, probably but as I don't want to spoil to much if you're one of the few people left who still hasn't read this book, I won't. I probably will have to avoid all the social media outlets until I finish all the books because spoilers galore.


  1. I just adored the first book in the series, but as I continued it did take a downhill to the point of me aggresively hating the series, lol. But I'm sure you'll have a lot more luck than I did with these novels, I just have zero to none patience for most fantasies haha!

    1. That's a shame! I hope I do too, this was a promising start.