Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

3 Stars

“He often felt that too many people lived their lives acting and pretending, wearing masks and losing themselves in the process.”  

25402194Look, if you've read one Nicholas Sparks book then you've essentially read them all. So, if this is true, you might ask, why do I keep reading them? I don't know, okay? I'm as confused as you are on that one, it's like I'm on auto pilot when I buy them and then I just wake up the next day and they're on my book shelf and I swear they're breeding.

You might think I'm having a dig at Nicholas Sparks, of course I'm not. It's all in good fun, I can assure you I would be in no place to take a dig at him. He 10 times more successful than I am and honestly, it is well deserved. He's got 18 novels and they're all international bestsellers and 11 of them have movie adaptations. He is doing great in the romance genre and I do tend to be more fond of reading his novels than I'd probably like to admit.

My point stands though, his characters and stories are very similar but since I am an absolute romantic I still read them. Kind of like John Green and I still love him. It doesn't make their talent as writers go down, it does kind of decrease the enjoyibility of the books but not always.

The Choice reminded me a lot of The Notebook, but kind of better. Essentially, the same sort of thing happens but not exactly. If you took the main points from The Notebook and applied them to The Choice, you'd find that they are very similar.

The romance between Travis and Gabby builds insanely fast and it is definitely whirlwind but, I guess this is the charm. The romance in Nicholas Sparks' novels is always fast and desperate but I think that reflects on him, he is clearly a hopeless romantic (obviously, he does write romance novels, thanks for that Brooklyn) and I think it's nice that he gives his characters that hopeless kind of love that is often debated as real or not.

This is probably one of my new favourite Nicholas Sparks novel behind A Walk to Remember and Safe Haven. There are also doggies featured in the book and doggies are probably the key to my heart. I'm not mad at this, I'm not completely and utterly in love but it was a good read.


  1. I've only read A Walk to Remember because I was hooked on the movie, but the book was so different. I enjoyed the book more, though. I tried to read The Last Song, but for some reason I just can't get into it. I'm thinking I'm not meant to read his novels, but instead watch the movies lol. Great review!

    1. Thanks! I really liked A Walk To Remember but I haven't seen the movie. I am so on the fence with his novels.