Monday, January 09, 2017

A letter to Eleanor *SPOILER ALERT*

Dear Eleanor,

15745753I hope you're doing well. I also hope your family are safe but you did the right thing, Eleanor. I hope life is treating you fairly now since you sincerely deserve it. I have a lot I want to know but I don't know if I'll get it all back and I don't want to bother you with your old life, I can imagine it would be a tough topic.

I wonder if you could tell me, what did you say to Park? What were those three words? Surely you can confide in me, we are friends. I hope you know he cares for you deeply, it breaks my heart to think of how deeply he cares for you. I would hate for you to think that he doesn't, you'll always be special to each other. Even when you're loving other people. I think the love you two share is extraordinary and I can only hope I can experience that kind of love in my life. You're lucky in that respect, Eleanor.

I wonder, do you ever miss Bobbi and DeNice? They were so lovely to you, you were lucky to have them too. I wonder if they think about you? I'm sure they do, I'm sure they wonder about how you are and where you are and if they'll ever see you again. They're lovely girls. I hope you have some good friends like them at your new school.

I hope you've spoken to your mum and your siblings and god, do I hope they're safe. I'm so sorry that the situation meant you had to leave them again. I know you wouldn't have gone if you didn't have to but you had to Eleanor, for your own safety. We both know what would have happened had you stayed. I wonder, do you contact them regularly if they are safe? Do you chat with the kids? I hope so. For you, I hope so.

Your story touches me, Eleanor. I hope you know that. You and Park have such an enduring love and I'm sure it'll last the while even if it doesn't. I'm so terribly sorry for all the wrong that's been done to you in your life, you at least deserved Park and I'm so sorry he got taken away from you so soon.

Please look after yourself, Eleanor.

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