Wednesday, September 06, 2017

25 Facts About Me

1. I really love the colour pink

2. I also really love the colour yellow

3. I have a pet cat named Louis

4. I really love plants

5. I play the trumpet

6. I have a small addiction to coffee milk that grows by the day

7. I really badly want a golden retriever

8. I am an only child

9.  I will never have enough pairs of blue jeans

10. My favourite season is winter

11. I really love socks and have a drawer full of fluffy bed socks

12. I really love The Beatles and have a slowly growing collection of Beatles things

13. I will also never have enough cardigans (they're so comfy!)

14. I have a bit of a thing for 80's movies

15. My favourite season is winter

16. But, I get really excited about spring because of the plants (and I'm writing this on the very first day of spring, yay!)

17. I'm surprisingly good at sewing

18. I'm turning 17 in November

19. I love salt and vinegar chips with a passion

20. I have fear of flying

21. I hate horror movies

22. I really like makeup but have no idea how to use most of it

23. I have so many book ideas floating around my head but absolutely no desire to write them

24. My biggest guilty pleasure is McDonald's (I can not get enough of cheeseburgers)

25. I love baking (and then eating my delicious baked goods)


  1. I'm also an only child who loves salt and vinegar crisps and has a fear of flying! And I used to have a huge collection of fluffy bed socks but had to get rid of some as they had holes in, so now I have to rebuild my collection :P

  2. I feel like you don't meet many people who's favourite season is winter!! I can't say I agree, I hate the cold, but I think it's really pretty during Christmas time!

    1. I hate the heat where I live because it's so dry. I'd love to have a winter Christmas, it's gorgeous.

  3. I love fluffy socks too! I also like eating cupcakes and cakes but I'm too lazy to bake, which is not handy hahah. I like make up too but when I try to do anything at all I end up looking like a clown, so that's that

    1. Haha! Yes! I get you, everything seems to look great on everyone else but as soon as I try it looks like a mess.