Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hardcovers or paperbacks

This is a debate I've been thinking about a lot lately. Because, my preference has changed just a little. For as long as I can remember I've been a paperback girl but I'd take a hardcover where I could get one. Now, I guess I've been influenced a bit by bookstagram and twitter and everything but I've come to like hardcovers a lot more as of recently. I still won't say no to a paperback but now I'm striving for hardcovers. So, let's discuss pros and cons.

- Cheaper
- Easier to travel with
- Allows for satisfying spine cracking
- Takes up less space

- Easily damaged
- Allows for spine cracking
- Harder to read without damaging

- Sturdy
- Harder to damage
- Bare spines are nice to look at
- Dust covers are pretty

- Take up more space
- Harder to travel with
- More expensive

I can pretty much conclude it's basically up to personal preferences. They both have cons but they both have pros. Depends what's more important to you.

Lets Discuss
Which do you prefer? Why? Did I miss anything on my lists?


  1. I used to be a paperback girl too but since getting more into reading and with Instagram around, I prefer the look and feel of hardbacks. I'm not a spine cracker so hardbacks are easier for me to care of. The main thing I would complain about them is definitely the difficulty of lugging them around and travelling. Great discussion Brooklyn!!

    1. Thank you!! Unfortunately, most my paperbacks have cracked spines. I'm not a very gentle reader. I can agree though that it is a struggle to carry hardbacks around.

  2. Can I say I'm an ebook girl? Lol. I just find them so much cheaper, and of course easier to travel with because you have all your books on one device. But I think that's a pretty unpopular opinion.

    1. I only realised after writing this that I hadn't even considered ebooks, goes to show how often I read ebooks. My mum loves ebooks but I've never seen the appeal myself. I can't say I've given it much of a go though, either.