Sunday, June 05, 2016

Posting Schedule

Saturdays - Reviews
Mondays - Other
Wednesdays - Brooklyns bookish chatter

So, I'll give you just a quick run down of what each post type is and what to expect. I hope to eventually categorise these posts so if you're only wanting to look at reviews, you can find them. For now though, I'll just add it to the quickly growing list of things to do.

Reviews are obvious and self explanatory. They're my thoughts and opinions on books that I've read. I typically like to write one after each book I read because I like to get all my thoughts out. My reviews aren't always the most reliable source if you're deciding on a book but I hope they're in the slightest bit helpful to you. I also just like being able to find the thoughts I've had on books since there's so many of to read and so little time to be constantly rereading so it's a nice way to have my thoughts all together. Also, if you want to see how my star ratings work, you can read this post What do my star ratings mean?

Other is just all the posts inbetween so maybe a book inspired playlist or an ideal book to movie adaption and what not. It's basically whatever book inspired I've made that week, it could be anything. Maybe one day when I gather enough posts I can subcategorise those as well but for now I do not have enough posts for it to be worth the effort. I think Mondays will be fun because it could be anything whatever I'm inspired by that week.

Brooklyns bookish chatter is just my time to just chat about whatever book related thing has taken me by storm. Maybe it will be a character or a plot line or a book itself although, that would be rare since that's more like a review. Maybe a particular thing in a book will stand out to me and I will feel as though it needs it's own post. Some chatter posts will be more structured than others. Some might actually be inspired by something and some will just be ramblings. It's hard to tell you exactly what to expect but I know chatter type posts aren't every ones cup of tea so if you don't like it just ignore Wednesdays, come to my blog on a different day.

I'm trying to be flexible with my posts so that there can be something that caters to a more broad audience but the biggest thing about blogging for me, is of course about me and what I want to post as it is my personal space. With my blog posts, I intend to inspire conversation and discussion. I hope to provoke thoughts and whatnot. Please feel welcome to comment on posts, I don't bite and I'm sure no one else would either. Whatever I feel is inappropriate will be reported and deleted though, there are some things I won't tolerate. I want to keep this a positive place.

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