Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Brooklyns Bookish Thoughts

Today the Goodreads quote of the day was Listen, and you will realize that we are made not from cells or from atoms. We are made from stories.from Mia Couto. Now I have never in my life heard of Mia Couto but that quote spoke out to me on so many levels. So therefore, I decided I would find out who this person is.

I found out Mia Couto is an African writer whose works are published in Portuguese. His genres are Literature & Fiction and Poetry. He works as an Enviromental Biologist which sounds awesome.I haven't actually heard of any of his works before but now I going to make it a goal to have read one of them by the end of the year. I think he deserves that since his quote has intrigued me so much. I look forward to reading one of his works.

Anyway, now that we know a few snippets about the man behind the quote I wanted to talk about why it has me feeling so inspired. I think stories are incredibly important, almost everything is a story. When you walk up to your friend and say 'guess what happened last night' you are about to tell a story. When you get home and say to your mum 'Sarah told me...' you are telling a story. When your history teacher is telling you about The Treaty of Versailles they're telling a story. You are constantly telling stories and hearing stories, it's how we leave bits and pieces of ourselves every where.

I am made from the stories I tell, the stories I hear, the stories I read, the stories I see. Everything about me is a story, my whole life is a story and I can't wait to tell someone that huge story one day. You are made up of the stories you tell, the stories you hear, the stories you read, the stories you see. We all are, we are all made up of stories. Why do we tell stories? I think its so we can leave bits and pieces of ourselves everywhere, to keep ourselves alive even after we take our last breath, to share, to experience.

So, tell your stories. Tell who ever you can. Tell as many as you want. Don't be ashamed because we are stories just waiting to be told. I believe every story defines us so tell the whole damn world your story, let them hear it. Tell stories, write stories, read stories, make stories.

I think this is my story, a girl who is so passionate about stories that she shakes with anticipation to tell her friends stories. A girl who is so passionate about stories that she has a blog to discuss the stories she reads. A girl who is so passionate about stories she can not wait to tell this story one day.

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