Wednesday, May 03, 2017

My Favourite Movies

I don't actually watch a lot of movies but I do have a select few that I just watch over and over. Once I decide I like a movie it basically just gets added to my rotation of movies. Which is almost the exact opposite of how I am with books. So, I thought I'd share with you just a few of my favourite movies. In no particular order:

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1. Pretty In Pink
I love John Hughes movies and I just love 80's movies in general. If I listed all my favourite 80's movies I wouldn't be able to list any of my other favourite movies so I picked my favourite out of those. Which is obviously Pretty In Pink, I adore Molly Ringwald. I love Duckie, and Blaine makes my little heart melt. I know a lot of people (95% of the population) ship Duckie and Andie but I'm obsessed with Blaine. Anyway, it's a super fun movie and I just really love it.

2. A Hard Days Night
Again, I made myself pick a Beatles movie to be my favourite. I love, love, love A Hard Days Night. When I first discovered it in October, I watched in four times in a matter of about a month. It was ridiculous and I was totally obsessed. It really added fuel to the fire except beforehand the fire was like a little match and now it's a bushfire in Australian summer. I just think their personalities really shine through. Also, a fun fact, the train carriages for the Hogwarts Express were inspired by the train carriages in A Hard Days Night.

Image result for sharknado3. Sharknado
Sharknado, to date, is the most ridiculous movie I've ever watched and yet I have all four on DVD. It is hysterical and it always makes me laugh. I have a Sharknado funko in my room. It's crazy. It started out as a joke when it was on the scifi channel and I was like 'lol mum lets watch it'. I loved it though. It even has Ian Ziering from Beverly Hills 90210 which is one of my favourite TV shows. I just absolutely love it, it always cheers me up and makes me laugh.

4. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Image result for angus thongs and perfect snoggingGod, I haven't watched this in forever but I love it. I remember watching this for the first time years ago at a friends tenth birthday party and I didn't really understand it but I was totally in love with Robbie. I watched it again a little while back, being older I understood more of what was going on and I just fell even more in love with it. I remember after watching it the first time I said snogging rather than kissing for a whole year even though I actually hated the word. So awkwardly adorable and the soundtrack is one of my favourite things ever.

5. Grease
I think everyone loves Grease. It's so much fun to watch and I love to sing along. Although, something that always gets me is the ending. It made no sense. Why did they just fly off? What is that about? That has just always annoyed me but otherwise I really love it. I think it's a classic and something we can all agree on.


  1. Grease is definitely a favourite for everyone, but I would even say that the movie Hairspray just beats Grease for me. I just find that storyline so much more enjoyable!

    1. I've never seen Hairspay but I've heard some great things! I'll have to watch it sometime.