Monday, March 27, 2017

How To Period

Today, I'm on my period. I'm quite mad about it because I wasn't expecting it. I thought it was two weeks early, turns out March is going way too quick for me and it's right on time. My favourite thing to do while I'm on my period is to talk about my period. And because I always love getting tips from other people, I decided I'd make my own list of tips for people with their period.

1. Always Have A Pad Or Tampon On You

Always. Even if you aren't on your period, you don't know who might need it. It's super reassuring to have one on you just in case and it's a super nice thing if someone else doesn't have one. I can't count the amount of times when I'd only just started getting mine that I'd have to ask around because I'd forget. It's really nice to know that others would help you out if you're in need.

2. Leggings Are Your Friend

All I wear on my period is leggings because they're comfy and dark and happy. When you're on your period, the general consensus is that you want to be as comfortable as possible. You don't really want to be wearing your tight skinny jeans or anything. Also, I find leggings are the best if you're feeling bloated or often get bloated on your period.  I personally don't get bloated very often but I can't imagine it's not great to have anything too tight going on.

3. Hot Showers Are The Answer To Everything

Hot showers are fantastic. They do wonders for you. A hot bath works too, but I know not everyone feels comfortable having a bath on their period. Personally, I like baths a bit better because standing can be hard when you've got bad cramps. The water will actually stop the bleeding for a while so it's not like you're going to be bathing in your own bloody water but I'd also recommend just making sure everything is clean down there before getting in. Also, if you have the water hot enough, the pain of your burning skin will distract you from the cramps. (Just joking, please don't do that.)

4. Don't Be An Asshole About Other's Tampon Or Pad Preferences

This isn't much of a tip. Just don't do it. I personally use pads because I found tampons to not sit well which made it really uncomfortable. We like what we like and if tampons are best for you, use them but if pads are best for you, use them. It's really simple and I don't know why people have to be such assholes about it.

5. Overnight Pads Are A Brilliant Thing

For a long time, I didn't both using overnight pads because I didn't think there'd be much point to them. A couple months ago though, I started and it changed my whole sleeping experience. I was always very paranoid about bleeding on my sheets and it ruins the quality of my sleep a bit. Overnight pads are so good, they feel a bit like a nappy but you're only sleeping in them so it's not much to worry about. I don't have to worry about leaking when I wear them and they hold a lot more blood because they're made to be worn for hours.

6. Take Care Of Yourself And Do What's Good For You

There are so many things out there about periods but I think the most important thing is to do you. I know some people say exercise and healthy eating is the way to go but honestly, when I'm on my period I don't feel like moving or doing anything. I've had cramps so bad I couldn't stand longer than a couple minutes so it's definitely not my thing. But, that might be your thing, maybe that's what helps you the most. It's all about figuring out what works for you because we all have different bodies so it's not going to be universal. Be a little kinder to yourself this time of month because you'll need it.

So, there you go. Just a few of my favourite things to keep in mind. It's not a great time but there are things you can do to make it less crappy. I wish you all luck, whether you're on your period today or if it's coming up. Don't forget, if you're on your period, no one can shame you for eating as much cake as you want.


  1. YAAAAASSSSS: 4. Don't Be An Asshole About Other's Tampon Or Pad Preferences.

    Oh my gosh. I will never understand the bashing that goes on about someones preference!

    Personally, I use a Ruby Cup. Have you ever tried one of those? If tampons don't sit well, you may not like them... Tampons always pinched me, but the cup doesn't! :)

    1. Oops, I completely forgot about cups. I've heard they work wonders. I've heard nothing but brilliant things from almost every one whose tried them.