Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Things I'm Grateful For

Today I'm feeling really grateful for a lot of things so I thought it would be nice to write about all the things I'm grateful for. This'll probably be split into a few posts because there's so many things I could list. I hope this inspires you to look into what you're feeling grateful for and write your own post (or posts).

1. My Parents
I have two beautiful, loving parents who I wouldn't exchange for the world. They're always so supportive of me and what I want to do. They allow me to live the lifestyle I want to live and they are my best friends.

2. My Kitty Cat
Louis is the most annoying cat I've had the pleasure of meeting. I have no problem saying out of all four cats I've had in my life, he is the most annoying. But, I adore him. He's like my little baby and he always knows how to cheer me up. I wish I could give him the world.

3. The Beatles
Because I really love their music and it gives me goosebumps which I haven't really experienced before. They inspire me and they give me a certain escape. They have a song for every emotion I'm feeling and I'm really glad that they are a thing.

4. Books
Obviously, this had to be one. I love books and I love the way there's a book for everyone. I love that they help educate me and give me somewhere else to go. They've opened up so many worlds to me and given me a lot of opportunities so far.

5. The Opportunity To Have An Education
I complain about school 90% of the time but deep down, I'm so grateful for it. I know there's a lot of people who would die to have the opportunity to go to school like I do. I tend to think a lot of people take it for granted but I aim to make the most of it because I am really lucky.

6. Socks
I love socks. My feet are perpetually cold so socks are one of my favourite things. They're so cosy and lovely. I have countless pairs of fluffy socks and I still feel like I need more. They're a simple thing but they're really nice to have.

7. The Opportunity To Have A Musical Education
I'm really grateful that the schools I have gone to have had awesome opportunities for musical studies. I really doubt I'd have gotten into it without those opportunities. The city I live in is notorious for it's music programs and I know living where I do I have so many more opportunities.

Andddddd, that's all for this time. I think it's really important just to let yourself appreciate even the littlest things every now and then. Even if it is just your favourite pair of socks or the tea you drink of a morning or a favourite song. Remember what's good and what matters.


  1. This is such a great post. I think most of the people I know are so lucky, including me, of having the things we have, and living the way we do. The power of your privileges resides in acknowledging them.

    I'm also really grateful for my parents, even though we have had rough times in our parents-daughter relationship. And omg, I also love the Beatles so much! My last post is about them, I'd love to know your favourite Beatles song <3

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! The Beatles are the best but my favourite song definitely changes every other week, haha!